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Help us Repopulate West Annapolis with Oak Trees


The oak census has been declining in our neighborhoods for decades.

Will you help bring back our oaks? We have buckets of acorns for you to plant, now is the best time, some just starting to sprout already.

To cover mortality, plant 6 for every tree you want, and guard/water the sprouts until they can make it on their own. You won't see fully mature trees, but the next generation will.

There are buckets of them, available now! Contact Kurt Riegel at kurt.riegel@gmail.com











English Ivy is harming your trees. It will kill a tree, given time. English Ivy can engulf your trees, blocking sunlight from leaves, weaken the bark. Its extra weight and mass can provide the extra push to bring down a tree in ice and wind storms. Once ivy is up in a tree, it creates toxic berries that birds quickly spread far and wide

This is a great time of year to kill ivy. Rescue a tree or two in your own yard. Encourage neighbors to do the same or offer to help. It needs to be done or we will lose our tall trees! Remember to take this simple step to keep ivy in check. Cut the vines at the tree base, no need to remove the vines. They'll wither and drop after a time. Use a glove to handle the vines, in case you have some Poison Ivy mixed into the tree hugging vines.

West Annapolis community:
On Tuesday, November 17, at 3:00 pm we had a meeting at City Hall with Mayor Gavin Buckley. In addition to our Alderman Fred Paone, we had Alex Pline, John Goodburn, Krissy Hoffman, and Maria Gallo representing West Annapolis.

Thanks to the experience and knowledge of Alex and Krissy, the Mayor was presented with alternatives to slow the traffic on Melvin Avenue. John suggested ways WACA can work with the Mayor’s office to collaborate on potential solutions. Maria expressed that the communities of West Annapolis and Wardour have a vested interest in developing a way to slow the traffic on Melvin Avenue. We provided the Mayor with a copy of the signed petition.

Mayor Gavin appeared to understand our issue and was incredibly open to the idea of the temporary traffic circles to be placed in 3 different intersections on Melvin Ave. We told him that we understand the budget of the city is very tight, but we do not want to let this project die because of the budget. We proposed to reach out to the community and the West Annapolis Business Association for financial and other support for this idea. Thank you to everyone who helped support this initiative and signed the petition! As a community, I hope that everyone supports this step forward and eventually we will all celebrate the slower traffic on Melvin Ave. - Maria F GAllo

Melvin Ave Speeding issue. We have put together the petition, and as we all know we send it to West Annapolis neighbors via email. Also, Wardour Association president, Krisen Olson, will distribute the petition to the Wardour community. As of 28 Oct we had 125 signatures. A meeting is scheduled with the Mayor for November 17 at the Mayor's office and will be attended by : Fred Paone Krissy Hoffman, Alex Pline, John Goodburn ( waiting for his confirmation ), and Maria F Gallo. At this meeting, we are planning to bring the signatures of the petition and specific talking points about the speeding issues.

Neighborhood Directory of Residents
. Handy for facilitating social interactions among neighbors. You must list yourself in order to obtain logon credentials to view our neighborhood directory of West Annapolis residents. List/revise your entry at any time using the form provided.

Listening to Our Trees, A Walking Tour of West Annapolis and Wardour, is posted here, by Elliot Abhau, Colby Rucker
and Ginny Vroblesky, Illustrations by Laurel Sprenger. You'll like it.

Protect Our Trees. English ivy can cause structural and health problems if it's allowed to climb tree trunks. Ivy traps leaves, debris and water and can cause stress and disease. Winter ice loads up to thousands of additional pounds and can fell trees. Cut vines at the tree base and leave them there to die/disappear. Pulling them down can harm the tree.

And "volcanoes" of tree mulch are harmful. Use nothing or "donuts" instead. Here's an excellent reference.

AA County Pedestrian/Bike Master Plan

Wardour/West Annapolis Marching Song
. Lyrics and music by Bill Douglas, arranged by Ellie Pline. Watch Video.

Generator Etiquette. Be careful, considerate, and generous if/when you operate a backup electricity generator.

Directory of Residents. Handy for facilitating social interactions among neighbors. You must list yourself in order to obtain logon credentials to view our neighborhood directory of West Annapolis residents. List/revise your entry at any time using the form provided.

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