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WACA Meetings
are Third Tuesday of every month, 7 pm, alternating between General meetings and Board meetings.
General Meetings are at J.Melvin Real Estate, 24 Annapolis St. 21401.
Board of Directors Meetings of the officers and board usually occur monthly at 7 pm on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at the home of Geoff Riefe, 8 Tucker Street. Members are welcome to attend for information, to alert the board to issues of importance, and to consider future involvement as a board member or officer themselves. Contact any board member to confirm where/when the next meeting will occur.

27th Annual West Annapolis Oktoberfest

The 27h annual Oktoberfest along Annapolis Street and Giddings Avenue in West Annapolis ofoffers traditional German food, beer and music from the crowd pleasing Om-pa-pa Band.  Attendees will find vendors selling everything from bratwurst to fine art, roast beef to jewelry, and many West Annapolis clothing, antique, framing, craft and gift stores  will be open for business.  In addition, West Annapolis Elementary School will also be holding its annual Fall Festival at Annapolis Street and Melvin Avenue.

The fun of Oktoberfest merges with the festivities of the Fall Festival at West Annapolis Elementary School which can trace its roots back to 1894 in this community. The school is still celebrating its brand new building and 123 years of history in West Annapolis.  There will be activities for children at the school as well as throughout Oktoberfest.

Free parking for attendees can be found at the State of Maryland parking garage at Calvert and Rowe Boulevard. This is a 15-minute walk to the festival area at Annapolis Street. Visitors can also pay to park at the United States Naval Academy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium which is just across Rowe Boulevard from West Annapolis. Two hour free parking can also be found in the community. Please be sure to bring a valid license or military ID with date of birth to purchase beer.

Neighborhood Directory of Residents. Handy for facilitating social interactions among neighbors. You must list yourself in order to obtain logon credentials to view our neighborhood directory of West Annapolis residents. List/revise your entry at any time using the form provided.

We have a new neighborhood restaurant ... Flamant, on Annapolis Street.

NEW: Dog Sitting. We're running a pilot program in the neighborhood for exchanging dog-sitting. Click on the Neighborhood Directory page to see how it works and sign up for your dog and/or as a sitter, handy in the summer vacation period.

New book on West Annapolis History Available.  Street Signs to History by Constance Ramirez tells the stories behind all our street names, both present and past.  Do you know that Old Crossing Lane use to be Coombs Street?  And why Monterey Avenue is named for the battle in the Mexican-American War? The book also contains a chronology of the history of our peninsula since 1658.
It was printed by the West Annapolis Heritage Partnership with the support of grants from the Four Rivers Heritage Area, WACA, WIA, and WABA, plus 25 West Annapolis businesses and friends. Street Signs to History, price $10.  
Also available is the biography of Luther Giddings, An Interesting Career, written by Eric Fredland about the man whose farm became West Annapolis and Wardour, price $10. It is also posted here as a PDF file.
Copies may be purchased at Graul's Market, or you may order a copy to be picked up or mailed. Contact the West Annapolis Heritage Partnership at waheritagepartnership@gmail.com

Protect Our Trees. Any time is a great time to attack English ivy strangling our neighborhood's trees. It can cause structural and health problems if it's allowed to climb tree trunks. Ivy traps leaves, debris and water and can cause stress and disease. In winter ice loads of hundreds or thousands of additional pounds can break limbs and even fell trees. Cut through ivy vines at the tree base and leave them there since pulling them down can harm the tree – they'll die and disappear in a year or so. Poison ivy often hides in English ivy, so wear gloves. Here's an excellent reference.
And "volcanoes" of tree mulch are harmful. Use nothing or "donuts" instead.

West Annapolis Book Celebrate West Annapolis this year with a special gift to friends, neighbors, or yourself with the biography of the man for whom Giddings Avenue is named. Luther Giddings fought in the Mexican-American War and developed vineyards on his farms now covered by Sherwood Forest, Epping Forest, and West Annapolis. A new book, An Interesting Career: The Life and Work of Luther Giddings (1823-1884) by John Eric Fredland, U.S.N.A. faculty retired.  Copies are $10 each and available:

New Business
— A new restaurant will occupy the former location of The Giant Peach. The restaurant is to be called ‘Le Flamant’ - which translates as ‘The Flamingo.’ The owner, born in Belgium, is Flemish (Flamand) as we guess will be the cuisine. So it’s a pun!  Get it?? The owner and former chef of Table in DC has been granted a liquor license for beer, wine and liquor with food only between the hours of 6 am and midnight seven days a week, and construction is well under way.

AA County Pedestrian/Bike Master Plan

Wardour/West Annapolis Marching Song
. Lyrics and music by Bill Douglas, arranged by Ellie Pline. Watch Video.

Directory of Residents. Handy for facilitating social interactions among neighbors. You must list yourself in order to obtain logon credentials to view our neighborhood directory of West Annapolis residents. List/revise your entry at any time using the form provided.

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